Building top quality products takes incredible craftsmanship. The process lies at the core.


The right product. Done right. Managed right. Those are the pillars of a great software product. You might have already written specification document and have a clear idea of what you want to be built. That is great and it makes our work much easier!

In case you do not have, no worries, we will help you out in expressing and shaping your ideas into meaningful requirements. We will help you in prioritising requirements with extensive analysis keeping in mind business requirements, rules, user requirements, functional requirements, external interfaces and any additional requests that need to be covered.


Requirements phase may hold the answer to What question but the design and use cases phase will help us answer the How question.

We have a team on site fully dedicated to creating wireframes, UI/UX design, logo and brand identity alongside a strong business team who is there to help you determine goals, business objectives, list assumptions and create user stories, storyboards and showcase possible user interaction and design concepts.

It is important to identify the primary audience for your product. This helps us to tailor the design of the product to fit the navigation and functional needs of the user.


We believe that satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery is the key. That is why we practice agile software development.

When we get a clear idea of what you want to build, elicit requirements, work on the design and use cases we will create a backlog of all features your product needs to have. We also create story maps. Story maps are a great way of representing your product's backlog with more visual detail. After prioritising them we will create meaningful tasks for each sprint of the development which usually lasts for two weeks.

Using our Scrum tool our clients will have constant insight on what is in progress and when he can expect a working software to be delivered. When a sprint is done, the client can add new user stories and reevaluate the priorities. Evolving requirements and changes to the specification can always be made in Agile software development.


We are using Vivify Scrum tool for project management purposes integrated with BitBucket and Slack.

We have a team of professionals who will guide you through the entire process and have regular meetings with you to discuss the status of the product development.

We strongly believe in involving our clients in the process as much as possible to create exactly the product you envisioned.

We want to know what is most important to you about the product and how would you judge if your product is a success.


When it comes to choosing the right technology and frameworks for your product we have got you covered. Using latest and most scalable solutions on both front end and back end means we can build cutting edge software. We will always provide you with a couple of options whether it's a front end framework, database choice or third party service recommendation.

We organise our repositories meaningfully and in most efficient way. Our team commits the code regularly and we write clean and well-documented code. We write tests for all our software products.


We write unit tests to ensure that units are performing work as we expect them to. We test both provider and consumer contracts for every interface and we automate this processes. We also check our boundary conditions.

Integration testing to ensure that the units are working together in concert.

System testing to ensure the system meets the requirements/specifications.

Acceptance testing which client does to verify the end product does what is required.

In the end we validate the product with the client and always commit to the highest level of client satisfaction.


We charge our work progressively, usually after every two weeks. Delivering working software frequently satisfies the client and having smaller but more regular payments makes work much easier and smoother.

We work on an hourly rate and our clients pay the exact amount of work put in and not a cent more.


When your product is delivered, validated and went through extensive testing period we are there to fully assist you in delivering your products through Google Play Store, Apple iOS Store, prepare your website launch or get you ready for a pitch event and help you get your product into the market.

Every step of the way. End to end. We are the link between a great idea and a great product.